ludo gusti portrait

Ludo Gusti

Founder and creative director

Ludo Gusti is an Italian designer, artist and art therapist based in Milan, Italy. She graduated in Jewellery Design, from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2009 and took a Master Degree in Art Therapy at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. She has been practicing as an artist for the past ten years, but thinks that the best part is working with others and if possible help them find their own path to a personal creative expression. She now has her own workshop where she combines all her realities, that of the artist, art therapist and jewelry designer and maker. Vivid memories of her past recall the indissoluble attraction to what is inexperienced and differently beautiful. Ludo Gusti’s research is never ending as it focuses on emotional and visual stimuli gathered from everything she observes. Her passion for collecting natural and found materials leads her work to always have a certain degree of unexpected detail.

Ludo is born to complement the designer’s creative spirit. Contemporary jewellery that disclose enduring emotions and sensations to the wearer.  The pieces convey Ludo Gusti’s passion for art, design, nature, cultures and travels. All the jewellery is hand made in Italy with love and respect for traditional techniques with a receptive approach to modern technologies.

My special thanks go to my mom and dad that have always been supportive. My grandma and my auntie that will forever be my greatest idols. My brother and my partner for their patience and help. All my friends and family. My photographer friends. Thank you all. Love Ludo
Photograph by Roberto Orlandi