Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is hand made in Italy using taditional and contemporary techniques. We do our best to source our materials in secure places and avoid waste, as everything gets recycled.

Our silver 925 jewellery usually comes in satin, high polish and oxidized finishes. You have to bear in mind that for the case of satin finishes if the jewellery is unworn for a long period of time you might see a yellowish colour appear on the surface whereas if you wear it daily it might turn balckish, this is due to the natural oxidization of the metal. Don’t panic! Just clean your jewel using a silver polish or dip which you can find in any local hardware stores.

In the case of regularly worn oxidized pieces, you will see that silver will start to appear from underneath the black surface. This is normal, as the oxidization layer is thin. We love that our jewellery changes its looks as it gets used by its wearer. But we also understand that you might want your jewellery to be as it used to be when you first purchased it. We can re oxidate your pieces with a little service charge and shipping costs.

Our high polished silver jewellery is rhodium plated, this is what will guarantee a long durability of the shiny surface and serve as an oxidization protection layer.

Our brass jewellery will surely be affected by oxidation, this is exactly what we want to happen as we believe that brass rocks more when darkened. Wearers may be affected by some black marks on their skin, this is not toxic and fades away with water. Brass does not have the same effect on every skin type.

We only use 14 karat gold. Gold needs less attention than its brother silver, it won’t oxidate as fast as silver does, but in any case just hand polish it with a clean cloth.

We recommend not to swim, bathe, or shower in your jewellery. Avoid using moisture products and perfumes containing alcohol as this may affect the well being of your jewellery.