jeppirachi postcard1 Cactus and blue


Jepirrachi is a Wyuu word, it defines the wind that takes souls from Earth to the afterlife. Through the gathering of stimuli and feelings this collection is born after traveling in Colombian territories. The encountered animals and plants, smells and tastes in a mixture of pre-colombian traditions have been translated into jewellery for the wearer who wants to experience a voyage through time and space.

Jeppirachi collection detail of mask on chocker and cactus fat band and mask earring with green stones
Alex in black and white dancing and window reflection jeppirachi collection
Jeppirachi collection Alex in black and white composition with coloured window
Jeppirachi collection detail of cactus slim band and tattoo
Jeppirachi collection hand detail out of focus with cactus band and colibri rings
Jeppirachi collection composition with detail of spring earring and mask charm in bronze and tiles background
Jeppirachi collection detail of spring earring and mask charm in bronze
Jeppirachi collection reflection hands pulling cord cactus rings
Jeppirachi collection alex pulling up curtains cactus bracelets

Photography Francesca BeltranĀ

Model Alex

Ludo Jewellery Jeppirachi Collection